Pros and cons of organizational change

If you work in an organization you know that change is needed for true success. And in today’s day and age, change happens incredibly quickly. When a company goes through change it needs efforts from management as well as all employees for it to be successful. If the change in an organization is not a success, consequences will be brought to the organization. If a company refuses to change, it will also come with drastic consequences to the organization. But do all companies thrive after successfully going through organizational change? Like with everything we do, there are pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons to organizational change.

The Pros:

  • When an organization keeps up with the changing trends in the world, it will reflect well on them. It will show the customers that they take their needs seriously. Maintaining their customers is an important objective of all organizations, and a big way of doing so is by changing the way their needs change. If the organization does not do so, it will be left behind by its once loyal customers.
  • Something that happens when organizational change is done right is that it breeds innovation and growth in the employees. During a change in the organization, employees will finally have the space to acquire new skills by doing new tasks. During any kind of change, employees will be looking out for new opportunities for themselves in order for them to work on their growth and innovation, which will help the organization in the long run.

The Cons:

  • Organizational change brings forth innovation, creativity, and growth, but also risks. The risks have the power to completely ruin an organization, which is why many are against changing. If an organization does go for the change, chances are it won’t end like the way many would have hoped, and instead of success, there is debt, loss of time, equipment, and more.
  • During certain kinds of organizational changes, there can sometimes be lots of tension between the employees. It’s normal for the employees in a changing company to experience stress and uncertainty, which is why constant communication is necessary. But if this tension goes out of control it can very well lead to a massive drop in productivity and morale and this affects the entire organization.

This tension can also continue if the change in the organization includes changing the structure of different teams and dynamics. Sudden change like that needs to be taken with care, or else the employees will have a sort of culture clash and this will reflect negatively on the organization.

Seeking help is okay

Most of the cons that are found about organizational change are due to the entire change process being done relatively incorrectly. With proper care and frequent communication, the cons stated above won’t be much of a worry. Of course, organizational change doesn’t have to be done within the organization alone. The company BiZZdesign is dedicated to helping organizations going through change, making sure it goes as smoothly as it can with a high chance of success.