iCASH – Canadian Payday Lender of the Future

When you think about getting a loan, often that comes with traveling to a lender, filling out an application, getting a credit check, and signing a loan agreement. This long process can take days and require tons of information before you see cash at all.

However, Canadian payday lender, iCASH, is offering a new “loan of the future” software to solve this pain point. Now with just some basic information (your address, bank account, and credit score), you can get a loan in as short as five minutes – all from your couch.

Loans From Home

Loans for bad credit usually require driving to a payday or personal lender. However, iCASH is offering an app-based experience that allows applicants to get a cash advance or short term loan with a reasonable interest rate right from their bed or couch.

All you need to get a payday loan is your bank account information, current job information, address, and other personal information. From there, a smart system will look at multiple factors to make sure you get the principal amount you need at an interest rate you can afford.

Hands-Off Means Better Results

While many might worry about this computer-based system, the truth is, it works better than a human-based one. Rather than worry only about a credit score, a computer is able to use statistics and multiple factors to determine your eligibility even when your credit score is low.

This eliminates the unconscious bias that many humans can add to the mix. Using this system, iCASH has been able to give out more loans with a better payback rate than most other payday lenders in Canada.

Not Your Grandma’s Payday Loan

Back in the day, you had to pay a payday loan back right when you got your next paycheck. That’s why it’s called a payday loan! However, iCASH knows things aren’t that simple anymore. If you have an emergency bill, chances are you need a small loan and still have all the normal bills next week on top of it.

That’s why rather than simple one payment loans for 14 days, iCASH offers it’s applicants whether in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, or another region, the option to pay back a loan over time with smaller payments. Payday loans for modern emergencies and lifestyles.

What is iCASH?

iCASH is a payday lender that’s provides loans on their website as well as via their loan app on the App Store and on Google Play. By offering this experience, iCASH is able to cut the costs of business in order to lower interest rates while maintaining high customer service rankings and a fully licensed accreditation nation-wide. If you need an easy fast loan, check them out today!