How to confirm your business internet service provider offers the correct speed internet

When looking for an internet bundles services provider for your business need, you will come across all forms of adverts in the media outlets of different packages that different service providers offer. Some adverts will include the speed of the internet, which may be confusing to choose from. If you wonder if the speeds from your internet service provider (ISP) are legit, an internet speed test can be the best way to confirm your fears. It is worth noting that not all internet bundle service providers can meet what they put across on their adverts. Here’s how you can test your internet speeds to determine if the business internet service Bethlehem has the correct speed for your business needs to invest your money.

How the speed test work

When you buy an internet bundle option for your business need, you need to identify your location and the server closest to you for a speed test. After finding a server, send a ping to the chosen server and measure how long it will take that ping to reach the server or how long it will take to upload. Then open a connection from that particular server and measure how fast the server will send data to your device or download speed. Conclude by measuring the latency or the amount of time the server will reply to your request.

What the internet speed test will tell you

The internet bundle speed test that you conduct will measure your download and upload speeds. It will give you information regarding the ping and latency as well. The download and upload speed will be measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Download speed, in this case, refers to how fast the device you are using will receive data from an online source, while the upload speed is the rate at which your device will send data to an internet server. On the other hand, latency is the amount of time it will take your device to receive data that it requests.