Energy of Phantasm, Phantasm of Energy

In my final articles I identified the deadly flaws of the present ruling paradigm; the paradigm of materialism rooted in dualistic pondering. Materialism not solely fails to elucidate many important points of our actuality, however its logical construction additionally fails.Materialism fails to elucidate previous life recall, reincarnation, close to loss of life expertise, telepathy, telekinesis and so forth… regardless that proof for all these phenomena is effectively documented and statistically unassailable. Materialism fails to elucidate the origin of life on Earth, speciation, consciousness… and but science is holding on to this false perception system, this phantasm, seemingly in any respect value.Materialism additionally fails by inside logic; matter, thought-about elementary by materialism, is convertible into vitality and vitality into matter. Nuclear vitality and particle accelerators do that conversion every single day, doubtless. If matter have been really elementary, the last word foundation of all existence, this conversion couldn’t occur.For matter to be transformed into vitality and for vitality to be transformed into matter there have to be a typical functioning precept by means of which the conversion happens… and the CFP of matter/vitality should by definition be extra elementary than both matter or vitality. Matter and vitality are the flip sides of a extra elementary CFP, no matter it could be.The ability of illusionary perception is immense; mainstream science is constrained by false perception, by phantasm. The dogmas of materialist science are rooted in phantasm; no proof exhibiting the failure of the prevailing paradigm or phantasm is examined and even admitted to exist. The taboo towards such investigation is simply too highly effective for all however just a few mavericks who examine actuality regardless of mainstream dogma.Historical past is stuffed with examples of the facility of phantasm; when the phantasm that the Earth is flat prevailed, voyagers have been afraid to journey out to sea as a result of they might ‘fall off the sting’. When Galileo confirmed that the Earth will not be on the heart of the universe, the powers that be… in his case cardinals of the Catholic Church… refused to look by means of his telescope. Trying on the proof was forbidden by taboo. Trying and seeing would have been an admission that their beliefs, aka illusions, have been mistaken.Ultimately all phantasm is shattered; as soon as the phantasm of a flat earth vanished, sailors crossed the seas with none worry of ‘falling off the sting’. As soon as the phantasm that the Earth is on the heart of the universe vanished, science and cosmology progressed with out hindrance.The largest phantasm of all is the phantasm of energy. Particularly, actual energy is conflated with phantasm of energy. The US navy is arguably probably the most highly effective on this planet. The harmful energy inherent within the myriad weapons, bullets, rockets, and bombs this navy instructions is past doubt. The phantasm lies within the perception {that a} single man, the Commander in Chief, controls this terrible energy. The phantasm is that a whole lot of hundreds of people acts on the whim of 1 particular person; that the ‘chain of command’ represents actual energy.The chain of command is an phantasm, and has energy provided that and so long as the phantasm stays intact. Mutinies, navy stand-downs, revolutions, civil wars are all examples of shattered phantasm. As soon as shattered, phantasm loses energy. Such is the destiny of all phantasm, even when extraordinary efforts are made by TPTB to keep up an phantasm.Within the Soviet navy, as soon as thought-about the second biggest energy on Earth, communist ‘commissars’ accompanied the troops… to guarantee that orders have been obeyed, that the illusions of Communism have been upheld, on the ache of loss of life. Indoctrination, brainwashing, threats are used to keep up the established order, the ruling phantasm… however finally the phantasm shatters, and the facility of the phantasm vanishes.At this very second in historical past we’re witnessing the destruction and imminent breakup of the facility of a serious phantasm. Ebola is a horrific affliction however it brings one other phantasm to the forefront. If Ebola really goes ‘viral’, the phantasm of the facility of mainstream drugs can be shattered at a wondrous tempo.In a current interview, an American physician gave away the phantasm, by pointing to its coronary heart. Many different docs see the reality, see by means of the phantasm… see reality that’s being withheld by ‘the powers that be’, with the excuse that ‘we should act to forestall panic’.One other American physician, simply again from Sierra Leone, has proven that Ebola may be cured by a easy methodology of blood remedy utilizing ozone. The ozonation of blood kills the Ebola virus, and helps to control the immune system. Immune system over response to viral invasion appears to be the proximate reason for signs and loss of life; Ebola is an autoimmune illness.The powers that be refuse to permit ozone remedy… as a result of it’s taboo, as a result of it violates the present phantasm that vaccination is the reply… and to be brutally frank; there isn’t any wealth to be made utilizing ozone remedy. Ozone is filth low-cost, vaccines are profitable.The fact is that ozone remedy is forbidden… on the ache of a physician shedding his license to apply. However this ‘license to apply’ is only a piece of paper. Who cares a couple of piece of paper if nasty, immanent loss of life threatens? Although many docs nonetheless obey, others are able to shatter the paradigm regardless of threats by ‘TPTB’. The specter of loss of life by Ebola is stronger than the specter of shedding the piece of paper.Actual energy lies within the energy to remedy, not within the piece of paper. As the reality emerges that an inexpensive, secure, straightforward methodology to remedy the horror of Ebola exists, and that some docs are utilizing this methodology to save lots of lives, the facility of reality will simply overcome phantasm. The ability of the medical institution will shatter and scatter like chaff within the wind.This brings us full circle to probably the most insidious, harmful phantasm of all; the phantasm that Authorities issued paper with numbers printed on it’s cash. This pernicious phantasm underlies the facility to manage and manipulate the world financial system to the advantage of the perpetrators, on the expense of the remainder of humanity, the victims.Huge energy lies within the phantasm of Fiat ‘cash’… however like all phantasm, is topic to being shattered by reality. As soon as the phantasm of the ‘religion and credit score’ that purportedly backs Fiat currencies is destroyed, a brand new period of actual cash will emerge. Actual cash, Gold; not paper notes borrowed into existence with out restrict. Fact will substitute the phantasm and lies of Fiat.Simply as the facility of a gun is actual, however the energy to command the place the gun is aimed is an phantasm, simply as the facility to remedy illness is actual however the license to remedy is an phantasm… so the facility of Gold to extinguish debt is actual however the energy of Fiat is phantasm.